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Job Description
Scope Of Work:
To ensure the hotel”s refrigeration and AC equipment is maintained to the highest operational standards at all times.
Job Responsibilities:
1. To carry out daily routine inspections of the hotel”s refrigeration and AC equipment.
2. To follow the preventive maintenance schedule as specified in the plan.
3. To carry out all required repairs and maintenance to the hotel”s refrigeration and AC equipment.
4. To be able to carry out all tasks / assignments in a timely manner (meeting deadlines) carefully.
5. To look after all the tools supplied by the hotel and correctly deposit them after finishing the shift.
6. To interact with all guest and colleagues in a professional manner at all times.
7. To clean all work areas after finishing the tasks properly.
8. To have a basic knowledge of all other Engineering functions: carpentry; plumbing; masonary; electrical etc.
9. To report the status of assignments and potential dangers as soon as possible.
10. Demonstrates the 12-Service Excellence Basics.
11. Keeps updated with the latest technologies and new product in the market.
HR Responsibilities:
12. Attends all hotel training as required.
13. Adheres to all HR and hotel policies and procedures.
14. Continually strives to improve self; knowledge and skills.
Financial Responsibilities:
15. Assist the Chief Engineer to reduce where possible and control the operational expense.
16. To actively participate in all energy saving and recycling initiatives.
General Responsibilities:
17. Attends all required departmental meetings.
18. Ensure that the appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform and appearance are maintained at all times.
19. Actively participates in all EHSMS and FSMS requirements.
20. Strictly adheres to the hotel”s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics.
21. To carry out any additional tasks and projects as requested by the Assistant Chief Engineer.
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