Executive Secretary/ Office manger at IEREK

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Executive Secretary/ office manger
An executive secretary with the character appropriate for office management and high-level clerical and administrative tasks. Should be responsible for supervising and ensuring functions within IEREK’s different departments and ensuring that each department is efficiently functioning. You will ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are successfully completed in a timely manner and with high quality. Our ideal candidate is an effective problem solver, excellent communicator with a proven ability to pay attention to detail. Fluency in the English language is necessary.

Responsibilities in brief:
– Communicates with all parties and team members keeping them informed of schedule and delivery deadlines, issues.
– Creating presentations or proposals.
– Coordinating Office Management Activities.
– Answering questions, responding to requests.

Essential Skills:
-MBA certified with two years of experience.
Ability to maintain effective relationships with employees, independent contracts, supervisors.
-Excellent organizational skills.
-Ability to separate between professional and personal/social relations in the work place.
-Excellent written and oral communication skills
-Detail-oriented, analytical problem solver with management skills

Send your CV to: [email protected]


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